LS1007 - Acer Power Adaptor

  • Rs 1,200.00

Acer PA-1600-07 19V 3.16A 60W

Acer Aspire One: A110, A110-1295, A110-AB, A110L, A110X, A150, A150-1006, A150-1049, A150-1126, A150-1249, A150-1447, A150-1890, A150-AW and A150-BB models, A150-BB1, A150L, A150X, AO751H, AO751H-1080, AO751H-1145, AO751H-1170, AO751H-1196, AO751H-1211, AO751H-1259, AO751H-1273, AO751H-1292, AO751H-1346, AO751H-1373, AO751H-1378 and AO751H-1392 models, AO751H-1401, AO751H-1442, AO751H-1504, AO751H-1505, AO751H-1522, AO751H-1524, AO751H-1534, AO751H-1611, AO751H-1621, AO751H-1640, AOA110, AOA110-1041, AOA110-1137, AOA110-1283, AOA110-1295 and AOA110-1588 models, AOA150, AOA150-1001, AOA150-1006, AOA150-AB, AOD150-1044, AOD150-1125, AOD150-1165, AOD150-1186, AOD150-1197, AOD150-1240, AOD150-1322, AOD150-1462, AOD150-1577, D250, D250-1026, D250-1116, D250-1151 and D250-1165 models, D250-1196, D250-1289, D250-1325, D250-1326, D250-1371, D250-1383, D250-1389, D250-1413, D250-1440, D250-1584, D250-1604, D250-1613, D250-1633, D250-1706, D250-1827, D250-1838 and LCD 8.9" ZG5 models.

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