LS1009 - Asus Power Adaptor

  • Rs 1,200.00

Asus Power Adaptor ADP-65DW A (19V 3.42A) 65W

VivoBook: Q301, Q301L, Q301LA, Q400, Q400A, Q500A, Q501/Q501LA, Q502LA, Q503UA, S300, S300CA, S400CA, S500CA, S550, S550C, S550CA, S550CM, S551, V500C, V551, X401, X401A, X401U, X501, X501A, X502CA, X550, X550C, X550CA, X550L, X550LA, X550LB, X550LNV, X551, X551C, X551CA, X551M, X551MA, X551MAV, X751MA, Q301LA-BHI5T02, Q301LA-BSI5T17, Q400A-BHI7N03, Q500A-BHI5N01, Q500A-BHI7T05, Q500A-BSI5N04, Q501LA-BBI5T03, Q501LA-BSI5T19, Q502LA-BBI5T12

Transformer Book Flip: TP500, TP500L, TP500LA, TP550LA, TP500LA-AB53T, TP500LA-AS53T, TP500LA-DH71T, TP500LA-DS71T, TP500LA-EB31T, TP500LA-UB31T, TP550LA-RHI5T01

Flip: Q551LN, Q551LN-BBI7T09, Q551LN-BBI706, Q551LN-BSI708, Q502LA-BSI5T14, D550CA, D550M, D550MA, D550MAV, F502CA, F551M, F555LA, F555UA, K501UW, K550CA, K550LA, R503U, R510C, R510CA, R510L, UL30A, X550ZA, X552LAV, X555LA, A52F, A53E, A53S, A54C, A55A, A55VD, K50I, K50IJ, K52F, K53E, K53U, K55, K55A, S56CA-WH31, TP550LA-UH51T, U47A-RS51, X550CA-SI30304R, X550ZA-SA100603E, X550ZA-WB11, X550ZA-WH11, X551CA-BI30804C, X551MAV-HCL1103E, X551MAV-HCL1201E, X552LAV-BBI5N08, X555LA-BHI5N12, X555LA-HI31103J, X555LA-HI71105L, X555LA-SI30202G, X555LA-SI30504I, X555LA-SI50203H, X55C-DS3,1 X75A-DS51

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