LS1012 - Lenovo Power Adaptor

  • Rs 1,300.00

Lenovo Power Adaptor ADLX90NCC3A (20V 4.5A) 90W

Lenovo B40, B50, M5400

ThinkPad 11, 11e Chromebook, 12, 13, 14, E45X, E46X, E440, E540, E56X, L440, L450, L460, L540, L560, P40, S540, T431s, T450s, T530, T540p, T550, W550s, X230s, X240, X240s, X250, T431s, T440p, T440s, T450, Edge E550, Helix 3697, 3698, 3701, 3702, X1 Carbon 20A7, 20A8, 3443, 3444, 3446, 3448, 3460, 3463, X1 Carbon Touch 3444, 3448, 3460 X1 Carbon 344428U, 344425U, 34442HU, 3444AZF, 34442HF, 3444AZU, 3443CTO, 34442GU, 344456U, 3444B8U, 34442DU, 3444BDU, 3444FEU, 3444CUU, 3444B7U Ultrabook, X1 Carbon N3N25UK, N3N72UK, N3N2SUK, N3N82UK Ultrabook, G405 G500 G505, Edge E440 E531 E540

ThinkPad Yoga 12, Yoga 14, Yoga 15, P50, T440, T450, T460, T540, T550, T560, W550, X1 Yoga, X240, X250, X260, 12, 14, 15, 460

Ideapad 500, 500s

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